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Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ
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/images/logotype hidden.png
/images/logotype hidden.png

1/7 Scale
Native Characters Selection

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Name: Chocola
Barcode: Limited Edition - 71

0 x 0 x 0 cm
Stock Status: Order Closed
Delivery Status: Feb / Mar 2020

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USD 240


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PVC · ABS painted finished product

size 1/7 scale

total height: about 24 cm

We will deliver healthy chocolat to our master in the whole world.

A cat world that continues to spread all over the world from game to animation.

Chocolate and vanilla of signboard girls became figures with native hands to be a member of everyone's new family.

Two animals that moved in the screen, laugh, and healed many of our lord brightly

gave us new pleasure by touching with our own hands this time.

The prototype got responsible for Mr. Grizzly Panda who has produced a lot of cute characters, carefully finishing up every one of the frills

, not to mention the energetic cuteness of Chocolat himself, as well as

very delicate costumes.

If you combine with vanilla under simultaneous orders, you can enjoy the happy effect with double.

I sincerely wish that two cats will join your family.

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