Deformed Series Cells at Work! - Rurumeku Platelet
Rurumeku Platelet

Deformed Series
USD 47
1/6 Scale PVC SSSS.GRIDMAN - Takarada Rikka
Takarada Rikka

Scale Figure
USD 164
1/6 Scale PVC SSSS.GRIDMAN - Shinjo Akane
Shinjo Akane

Scale Figure
USD 164
1/7 Scale PVC The Rising of the Shield Hero - Raphtalia Childhood Ver.
Raphtalia Childhood Ver.

1/7 Scale PVC
USD 167
1/7 Scale PVC Masami Chie Original Illustration - Kuga Asaka Color Variation Ver.
Kuga Asaka
Color Variation Ver.

1/7 Scale PVC
USD 224
1/7 Scale PVC Saga of Tanya the Evil Movie - Tanya von Degurechaff
Tanya von Degurechaff

1/7 Scale PVC
USD 198
1/7 Scale PVC Yonmegami Online Cyber Dimension Neptune- Holy Knight Neptune
Holy Knight Neptune

1/7 Scale PVC
USD 172
1/8 Scale PVC/ABS Hyperdimension Neptunia "Purple Heart"
Neptunia "Purple Heart"

1/8 Scale PVC/ABS
USD 182
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