HG 1/144 Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z INFINITY Ver.)
Mazinger Z

HG 1/144 Mazinger
USD 35
HG 1/144 Great Mazinger (Mazinger Z INFINITY Ver.)
Great Mazinger

HG 1/144 Mazinger
1/1000 Star Blazers 2202 -  Space Battleship Yamato 2202 (Final Battle ver.)
Space Battleship Yamato 2202

1/1000 Scale
USD 61
1/1000 Scale Star Blazers 2202 U.N.C.F AAA-Class DX
U.N.C.F AAA-Class DX

1/1000 Scale
USD 74 USD 60
1/20 Scale Armored Trooper Votoms [05] ATM-09-ST Scope Dog Berkoff Squad
Scope Dog
Berkoff Squad

1/20 Scale
USD 53 USD 44
Mecha Collection Star Blazer 2202 [05] Type 99 Space Fighter Attack Craft Cosmo Falcon (Carrier-Based Space Craft)
Cosmo Falcon

Mecha Collection
BANDAI SPIRITS Entry Nipper (Red)
Entry Nipper

1/60 Scale Full Metal Panic! M9 Gernback (Commander Type) Ver. IV
M9 Gernback Ver. IV 3

1/60 Scale
USD 28
1/20 Scale Armored Trooper Votoms [03] ATM-09-RSC Scope Dog Shoulder Custom
Scope Dog Shoulder Custom

1/20 Scale
USD 58
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