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Kikan Taizen 1/2000 Scale
Star Blazers 2202
U.N.C.F. AAA-001 Andromeda

Name: Andromeda
Barcode: 4549660192510
Version: Asian
0 x 0 x 0 cm
Stock Status: Available
Delivery Status: On Hand
New, unopened and box in excellent condition !!

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Size: Approx. L220mm

Scale: 1/2000

Material: ABS, PC

Battery Type: LR41 x 3 (test run batteries included)

[Set Contents]

-Main figure

-Optional gravity spread launcher parts set


-Joint set

-LR41 x 3 (test run batteries)


The 2nd release of the "Kikan Taizen" series is the U.N.C.F. AAA-1 Andromeda, the latest model which surpasses even the Yamato!!

-It's in an easy to collect 1/2000 scale, the same as "Kikan Taizen Space Battleship Yamato".

-The new details like in the setting of "Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love" have been recreated. It is minutely sculpted and painted to give a heavy feeling.

-Parts of the ship, including the mouth of the diffusion wave motion gun and the main engine nozzle, light up thanks to the inner light-guiding plate.


New setting details of "Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love" recreated.

It has minute sculpting and the coloring gives a heavy feeling.


The front and rear 4 turrets are articulated like in the movie.


The smudge painting along the panel line makes it look more tridimensional, and the whole ship is painted realistically.


The deployment of the gravity spread launchers installed in 4 places above and below the diffusion wave motion gun can be recreated by replacing parts.


The ship comes with 3 LR41 button batteries inside and, by pressing the 2 slide switches, the mouth of the diffusion wave motion gun, the wave engine, ship bridge and around the hull light up with a color scheme similar to the movie.


It includes a display base like the "Kikan Taizen Space Battleship Yamato". The top and bottom have reflective sheets that look classy. It has 2 types of joints with which the ship can be displayed in pitching or rolling positions.


Kikan Taizen models are in an easy to collect 1/2000 scale. If you line it up with the separately sold Space Battleship Yamato you can experience the atmosphere of the series even better!

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