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Star Wars
The Clone War

Name: AT-TE
Barcode: 653569304050
Version: Asian
71 x 42 x 23 cm
Stock Status: Available
Delivery Status: On Hand
New, unopened and box in excellent condition !!

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The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer [AT-TE] blasted it's way into battle for the first time at the Battle of Geonosis, & proceeded to unleash it's aggressive power all through the Clone Wars. This arm3ored assault vehicle moves with unyielding intimidation toward enemy fortifications, plowing through energy shields & firing six laser cannons & a heavy projectile cannon all the way. Its interior can hold a squad of clone troopers that can be quickly deployed for ground combat.

Includes: Build in blaster & pistol racks, Firing main cannon with blasting sounds & lights, Multi-rotational front cannons, articulated legs, an auto deploy opening hatch, walking sounds, 6 firing "laser" turrets, authentic Clone Trooper phrases from the Clone Wars series, & 1 Clone Trooper Figure!

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