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αΩ Alpha Omega
Tia Hallibel

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Name: Tia Hallibel
Barcode: 4535123829383
Version: Asian
Stock Status: Pre-backorder
Delivery Status: Dec 2020 / Jan 2021

Closing Date: 29 Nov 2020

USD 139


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Product details: 

Painted PVC finished product, from

the popular TV anime "BLEACH" that is being aired on

a dedicated pedestal

, the current "Tsuka (Espada)" turns red, No. 3 "Tia Haribel" is "Alpha Omega" Introduced to the PVC finished product series. Three-dimensionalized in the pose of the moment you shoot, holding "Tiburon". The jacket is opened, and the supple body, which is exposed from the chest to the waist, and the sharp gaze are reproduced. Along with the movement of the large fluttering clothes, you can feel the quiet force. The details of small items such as masks and swords that cover the lower half of the face that make you feel the world of "BLEACH" are carefully finished. By replacing the chest parts, you can reproduce the state that the jacket is closed. Also, the released head is included.

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