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1/8 Scale Figure
Ainz Wool Gown -Yukata-

Name: Ainz Wool Gown -Yukata-
Barcode: 4589584951855
Version: Asian
35 x 20 x 20 cm
Stock Status: Pre-Order
Delivery Status: Nov / Dec 2020
Closing Date: Aug 22 2020
New, unopened and box in excellent condition !!

USD 180


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-Demonstration and dignity that the yukata figure is also a ruler

-From the most evil dark fantasy [Overlord III], Ainz Wool Gown wearing a magnificent yukata appears.

-1/8 scale figure of Ainz, who enjoys the summer festival date with Albedo, exhibited at Anime Japan 2019.

-Yukata carefully reproduces complicated patterns. The body is given a shadow and gradation paint, and the rings and abdominal red balls are faithfully shaped and painted.

-The head is movable with a ball joint.

-Small items such as towels and bath tubs containing soap are also included, making it a playful item.

-Invite Ains, who is full of dignity and dignity in a yukata.

-The noble body is carefully reproduced in both modeling and painting

The majestic body of Ain's is carefully sculpted into a complicated bone. Even if you just put on a yukata with shadow and gradation coating, you will be full of dignity and dignity as a ruler.

-Rings, red balls, and the inside of the yukata are also shaped

The rings attached to both fingers and the abdominal red sphere were carefully shaped and painted, and the inside of the yukata was carefully made.

The bath tub held is a playful item with small items such as towels and soap carefully expressed.

-The best look no matter where you look

Ain's, who wears a yukata, geta, and a bath tub, and has perfect summer festival equipment, is the best outfit from any angle.

-By all means, please invite with Albedo

*Albedo is not included in this product.

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