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Soul of Chogokin GX-70
Mazinger Z D.C

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Name: Mazinger Z D.C
Barcode: 4549660094685
Version: Asian
Stock Status: Available
Delivery Status: On Hand

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Size: Approx. H170mm

Material: ABS, Diecast, PVC

[Set Contents]

-Main figure

-Alternative hand part x left, right 2 types each

-Iron cutter x2

-Base + arm part x2 types

-Jet Pilder

-Jer Scrander (late type)

-Hanger for Jet Scrander

-Other alternative parts


-Series common base

Base part is common for all "Soul of Chogokin" D.C. series. Alternative parts can be stored inside the base.

-Mode before Pilder-on created for the first time in "Soul of Chogokin" series

Set includes face part before the attachment of Pilder.

Jet Pilder is attached with a magnet.

-Great posability

It features a good articulation range for its slim body. Set includes open and gripped type hand parts suitable for action posing.

-Created based on Anime setting

The color of Scrander is made based on the Anime and its color is different on the front, and the back. Southern Cross Knife discharging muzzle can be faced front by exchange of parts.

-Various weapon parts

Set includes all weapons equipped on enhanced Mazinger in the later part of the series. The abdominal missile punch can be recreated with a dented appearance by exchanging parts.

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