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Digivolving Spirits [02]
Metal Garurumon

Name: Metal Garurumon
Barcode: 4549660191933
Version: Asian
18 x 20 x 11.5 cm
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Delivery Status: On Hand
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Size: Approx. L200mm (Metal Garurumon)

Material: ABS, PVC, Diecast

Details This product pursues both Digimons' cuteness before they evolve and their coolness in their evolved form. The figure is both a fun playing experience and the ultimate collectors' item.

Comparing it with past products of the Choushinka series, the most evolved point is proportions.

Especially Metal Garurumon looks as cool as non-transformable figures.


Digivolving Spirits pays attention to the texture.

The head armor, the top of the missile pod, pipes that require strength etc. are made with diecast to emphasize the metallic feeling.

In addition, the beam parts on the back and tail are made of clear parts to give a classy finish.

-Digivolving Super Evolution

The figure is painted with minute details and even the body color change after the evolution from Gabumon to Metal Garurumon is recreated as much as possible with the transformation gimmick, without changing any part.


The 2nd release Metal Garurumon is recreated with a basic transformation method based on the past Super Evolution series, but thanks to the modified articulation structure and adjusted balance, the proportions have evolved too. It's a transformable toy that feels both nostalgic and brand-new.

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