Ocra Toys

1/6 Scale PVC - Sword Art Online - Asuna ver.glint -Flash-
Asuna ver.glint -Flash-

Scale Figure
USD 256
1/6 Scale Cobra - Cobra The Space Pirate- Release II

Scale Figure
USD 261
1/6 Scale PVC FAIRY TAIL - Lucy Heartfilia Swimsuit Gravure_Style/ver. Side tail
Lucy Heartfilia Swimsuit Gravure

1/6 Scale PVC
USD 188
Devil Lady -The Extreme Devil- /Revision II
Devil Lady

Non Scale PVC
USD 219
1/6 Scale PVC That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Shion Swimsuit Gravure_Style/Remix II
Shion Swimsuit Remix II

1/6 Scale PVC
USD 200
1/6 Scale PVC FAIRY TAIL - Erza Scarlet Bunny girl_Style/type rosso
Erza Scarlet Bunny Girl

1/6 Scale PVC
USD 188
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