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Transformers Masterpiece MP-46 Blackarachnia (Beast Wars)

USD 149
Name: Blackarachnia (Beast Wars)
Barcode: 4904810614968
Brand: Masterpiece
Series: Transformers
Limited Edition: No
Stock Status: Available
Delivery Status: December 2019
Version: Asian
Closing Date: 20 May 2019
New, Unopened & Box in Excellent Condition!

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Transformers Masterpiece series followed by Megatron (Beast Wars), followed by Destron / Intelligence Agent Black Widow (Beast Wars) !! The

latest interpretation and technology of female warrior Black Widow, who belongs to the evil Destron corps in the CG animation "Beast Wars Transformers". It was revived.

Beast mode reproduces the form of Jirogumo drawn in CG animation, and various poses can be enjoyed by joints such as legs.

In robot mode, it transforms into a supple Black Widow that faithfully reproduces the main feature video!

The face part is interchangeable with the included replacement face (smiling face) / (screaming face), and joints of the whole body can reproduce action poses as per the image in various plays.

MP-32 Convoy (sold separately) etc. MP Beast Wars products and robot mode height ratio in the play are matched, so you can enjoy side by side.

Using the included display stand and spider web parts, you can display poses and spider webs floating in the air in both Beast mode and Robot mode.

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