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F-606s Flare Series
(One box consists of 1 figure + 6 weapon parts)

Name: F-606s Flare Series
Barcode: 4535123828553
Version: Japan
36 x 28 x 16 cm
Stock Status: Available
Delivery Status: 4-7 days

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Product introduction

The project item “F-606s Flare Series”, which exceeded the target of 500% in the 2018 crowdfunding project, is now available in the officially adopted color. A cute body designed by Mr. Fujioka Kenki comes with 6 types of large function specialized equipment. Furthermore, 6 types of weapons can be combined to reproduce the two combined forms of large armaments “Mode-Volpartyinger” and “Mode-Marchhair”. In addition, the 500% stretch goal “Volvo Dunger mass production machine specification” head part of the crowdfunding project is included, and a new modeling “function expansion specification” head part for the flare body is also included. Of course, the built-in hard points are compatible with the previous series. There are endless combinations of weapons! Create your own platoon and take control of your desktop!

* Remarks: "Large clear pedestal" commemorating the first day achievement is not included. 300% "Clear pedestal for body" is not included. 400% "arm weapon set" is not included. 500% "Volpartinger mass production machine specification head parts" are included. Deluxe set bonus booklet is not included.

Product size

Elementary body: about 80mm

united state: about 150mm

Product specifications

1 colored movable figure + 6 types of armed parts

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