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Street Fighter V

Name: Ryu
Barcode: 4549660051930
Version: Asian
6.5 x 17.5 x 21.5 cm
Stock Status: Sold Out

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New, unopened and box in excellent condition !!

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Size: Approx. H150mm

Material: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]

-Main figure

-Alternative expression parts x2 types

-Alternative hands left & right

-Hadoken effect

-Effect support part

-Background sheet


World-popular fighting game series "Street Fighter" comes in the S.H.Figuarts lineup!

The 1st volume features Ryu, who appears in the series since the beginning.

With the concept of "new fighting body", the figure has both a wide articulation range and a natural appearance, allowing you to effectively recreate various critical moves!

-Recreate special techniques with the "new fighting body"!

With the concept of "new fighting body", the figure includes various articulation gimmicks to recreate special techniques.

You can recreate the "shoryuken" and the figure will still maintain a natural, humanlike appearance.

-Enjoy the atmosphere even more with special technique effects and background sheets!

Ryu comes with an effect for the "hadoken".

You can recreate the showy effect typical of a game character!

A background sheet designed like a game screen during a fight is also included!

Enjoy the world of Street Fighter even more!

-What is the "new fighting body"?

Pursuing the concept of "recreating skills unique to fighting characters", this body has new gimmicks that allow it not to be limited by the regular S.H.Figuarts format.

This series aims at bringing out the charm of fighting characters that use their own body and a variety of peculiar techniques by challenging the limits of "posability" and "sculpture" in approx. 1/12 size.

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