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Desktop Army
F-666d Varka Series (Frea Dragoon Capture Edition)

Name: F-666d Varka Series
Barcode: 4535123830334
Version: Asian
23 x 20 x 12 cm
Stock Status: Pre-Order
Delivery Status: Mar / Apr 2021
Closing Date: Sep 24 2020
New, unopened and box in excellent condition !!

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Product introduction

The project item "F-606s flare series", which achieved a target of 500% or more in the 2018 crowdfunding project, has been captured by hostile forces and has become the "F-666d Varka series".

Six cute bodies designed by Mr. Fujioka Kenki are included, each with 6 types of specialized equipment for large-scale functions.

Furthermore, by combining 6 types of armament, you can reproduce the two merging forms of large armament "Mode-Volpartinger" and "Mode-March Hair".

Also, a set of 6 postcards drawn by Fujioka Kenki is included.

Of course, the built-in hard point common to the series ensures compatibility with the conventional series.

The combination of weapons is endless! Create your own platoon and take control of your desktop!

Product information

Product name

Desktop Army F-666d Varka Series (Flare Dragoon Captive Specification)

Product size

Figure: Height approx. 80 mm / Coalescence: Height approx. 210 mm

Product specifications

・6 pre-painted movable figures

・6 types of armed parts

・Postcard drawn by Mr. Fujioka Kenki... 6

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